ADC Technologies
ul. Krakowska 80
34-114 Brzeźnica
Tel: +48 (33) 879 22 40
ADC Technologies Company is a representative of companies:

  •      AD Chemicals
  •      Sublitex Miroglio

And distributor of powder coatings form:

  •      ST Powder Coatings




Our offer comprises chemical products for :


  • products for pre-treatment of aluminium


  • products for anodising of aluminium


  • products for phosphating of steel, zinc and aluminium


  • products for hot dip galvanised stee


  • products for hot dip galvanising


  • products for paint stripping


  • porducts for powder painting


  • products for decorating aluminum surfaces with many interesting patterns

With each customer the process of production is discussed, we offer technical services and consulting.


ADC Technologies is the approved distributor of AD Chemicals throughout the Poland offers products for chemical surface treatment.

AD Chemicals has been a specialist in the development, production and sale of chemicals for high-grade industrial applications since 1974. The company concentrated on the development and production of exceptionally high quality chemicals, whilst also fulfilling the strictest enviromental requirements.


ST Powder Coatings uses the latest technology to produce high quality thermoset powder coatings bearing in mind the protection of the environment.
The company offers a wide range of products, both standard and special, including epoxy resins, epoxy-polyester, polyester and polyurethane in all RAL colors.

Sublitex Miroglio is a leading manufacturer of sublimation film. With high-quality products are able to meet even the most demanding requirements by providing the customer with an unlimited number of available designs. Each image, pattern or material can be applied in to the decorated surface.