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Sublitex Miroglio

The Sublitex company was founded in 1976. The beginning gave a landmark projects which was concentrated on sublimation technology research.

Nowadays Sublitex is one of the most important manufacturer of sublimation films.

They offer high quality products which cope with high customers requirements. Also customers have possibility to choose from unlimited number of designs. Furthermore surface could be decorated by every model, material and picture which customer wish for.






Sublitex sold theire products in 60 countries. Prestigious client are using Sublitex products in every sector of the market.




The company`s annual production is about 25 million meters of paper and film.

The company is located in the north-estern Italy in small town Alba and takes about 20 000 m2 ground. Also Sublitex has many facilities which give them possibility to use many different production process.