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Coldesal P


Product Coldseal P-is used in the process of cold sealing of anodized aluminium.Produkt Coldseal P satisfies the following standards:

UNI 3397-63 / ISO 2932 / ISO 3210 / ISO 2143 / DIN 54004 / DIN 50947 / DIN 50018Produkt Coldseal P is suitable for the layers produced during anodizing
Sealing siarkowym.Kąpiel acid with use of Coldseal P is called. 'eternal bathwater'. In order to avoid clouding the bath, it is necessary to its frequent filtration.

The benefits of Coldseal Q:

     *Short-term process of sealing
     *Spots are not formed
     *Shorter time to warm up the bath


Coldseal P concentration [g / l] 4-5

Sealing Speed [min / micron] 0.8-1.2

Temperature C] 1930-1935

pH 5,5-6,5

The fluoride content [ppm] 500-800

F STAB 63 (Appendix) used to increase the concentration of fluoride