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Precoat TRI


PRECOAT TRI is a conversion coating based on non-carcinogen chrome (III) which meets the requirements of the directive 2000/53/EC of the European community and the RoHS directive. PRECOAT TRI is used for aluminium en hot dip galvanised steel.

After treating with PRECOAT TRI, there will be a formed thin film of PRECOAT TRI on the surface which gives

a) An adhesion for organic coatings.

b) An passivation layer of top on the metal.

PRECOAT TRI is used for dip and spray applications.


Immersion and spray :
Precoat TRI: 30-40 g/l
Addition HF: 1 ml/l

Treatment time:

  • immersion 30 – 120 sek
  • spray 10 – 60 sek

Temperature: 15 - 45°C
pH: 3.2 ± 0.5