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ST Powder Coatings


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ST Powder Coatings takes advantage of the most modern technologies in order to manufacture high quality thermosetting powder coatings with very low environmental
The company offers a wide product range, both standard and special items, including epoxies, epoxy-polyesters, polyesters and polyurethanes in all RAL colors.
For specific requests, ST places its team of qualified researchers at disposal for a complete personalization of the color in accordance with the Customer's needs.
Depending on the application field, ST's different product lines can be personalized with respect to the gloss levels (from high gloss to matte), finishes (smooth, orange peel, wrinkling, hammered and marble effects), metallization (sparkling, chromo effect, bronze and mica finishes) and other special effects (fluorescent, pearlescent, transparent or colored transparent).
The final result is a completely personalized product which meets all the Customer's requirements.